Growing+ Ranking Service

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Make sure you follow the steps on the page below before submitting your order.

After you submit payment, you will be redirected to complete your order.


The starter service can be used on any video regardless of niche/topic or competitiveness to boost authority.  It can also rank your videos in YouTube if the keywords are low competition.

Here’s the suggested use for the Starter service:

  • Use to help boost the authority of any video/channel.
  • Use to rank low competition keywords in any niche on YouTube.
  • Perfect for new YouTube channels to start growing fast.

You will not get a report with this service.  But you can monitor your YouTube analytics and comments for results.

Here’s what you’ll get in this Starter service:

This service will send you 20 people per day for 3 days to search your main keyword, click your video, watch, and interact with your video (like, comment, share..etc.)

We use this tool to help with video SEO and for tracking rankings in both YouTube and Google.


To qualify for our guarantee, you must follow the guidelines below. This will greatly benefit your results.

  1. Optimize your video for the main keyword. Learn how in this tutorial.
  2. Order this service within 48 hours of uploading your video.
  3. Your video should be at least 2 minutes long.
  4. Enable comments or set to “Review all comments” and only approve the ones you want.
  5. For best results, make sure your video is ranking in the top 50 positions on YouTube for your main keyword. You can check here.


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